Sincere apologies!!

2 04 2010

SOrry guys we know the new web page was supposed to be unleasehed to day but due to some uncontrollable happeneing the date has had to be pushed back.

All of the iKPOPP team have spent lots of time and dedication trying to make our website the best it could be.

We take this time to appologies to those that have been anxiously waiting and hope that this does not discourage you to visit out site in the future.

Due to the events we are unable to give you a definate date as to when the website will be up and running. We will however post up here the new date of release when we are certain our selfs.

Please be sure to check back here for the new release day and we hope that you guys will continue to supports us by reading our news posts.!!



Get noticed on YOUTUBE!!

20 03 2010

As well as all the other great features were adding, iKPOPP will also have a youtube account.
This site has basically been set up so that you can show all your covers and fan videos to the world
All you have to is send in your vidoes of you, singing , dancing,talking, fan videos or any other ways you express your love for kpop and well upload it on our site.
You never know what it could lead to!

SO what are you waiting for? get all your videos ready for the 1st April when well unveil our new and improved site!!

iKPOPP will be back bigger and better

20 03 2010

As youve noticed we havent really been updating often.
Click under the cut to find out why and also about all the new incredible features iKPOPP is about to unleash… Read the rest of this entry »

One Way makes debut on music core

6 03 2010

New group One way have finally made their debut on music core. Read the rest of this entry »

Korea brings home the gold…Make that 3

17 02 2010

Yes!! I know this has nothign to do with the kpop world but it just had to be put in. And what a better time to put it in than my first post of the year. Read the rest of this entry »

Big Bang in London?

29 12 2009

No, before all you Londoners lacking from kpop action start to get your hopes us Big Bang isn’t comming to London.

OkOk i know we did say that we werent comming back until the new year but we just wanted to put a last post.

Before today we never really knew how big kpop was becoming in London. One group in particular that is well known in london is believe it or not , Big Bang.

A couple of the iKOPP staff went on one of there many monthly trips to londons trocadero and Soho areas commonly known as ‘china town’.

what caught out attention was the fact that practically shop after shop was playing Big bangs songs, both korean and English.

So what does this mean? Is Big Bang brining kpop to london?Is Kpop finally going to get its place in the UK charts? Or is this just a hint from all the kpop fans in london for korean artists to finally perfom over here.

Big Bang Hwaiting!!

Happy holidays guys and have a great New years! 감사함니다

See you next year ♡

27 12 2009

Basically we did say that we were only going to be on Hiatus for a week or two but due to our busy scheduals weve not had time to update the blog.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused and hope that you havent missed out on all the great christmas and end of year shows and programmes that the Kpop world had to offer.

Although we havent been  able to keep tou updated recently,  be sure to check out the site from January next year were well continue to keep you up to date with all the news and gossip that the kpop world has to offer.

We at iKPOPP hope you had a great christmas and Wish you a very HAPPY NEW YEAR!

See you next year guys!